Anesha Rajendran

Medical student who comes home after years abroad, Emily's former best friend.


Small, thin, dark complexion. Gaunt face and tired eyes. Walks with purpose, light on her feet. Long fingers and dainty hands. Speaks in a quiet, husky voice with just a hint of a Telgu accent. Wears baggy, functional clothes. Hasn’t quite picked her life up, still wears old clothes a few sizes too big.


Medical Student who comes back to Kingston to tie up loose ends with her family and try and reconnect with Emily Campbell, her estranged best friend. Daughter of Kingston County Treasurer Rohan Rajendran and librarian mother Bharati Rajendran (Singh), Anesha was an exemplary student in all respects. She made many friends during her years in Kingston such as Jess Caulfield and Mark Fischer, but primarily developed a deep and abiding love with Emily Campbell during their Highschool and College years, one that lasted the boundaries of time and distance when Anesha studied and volunteered overseas. But as the years went on they saw less and less of each other, and as Emily began to lose herself and withdraw, their relationship suffered. The decline culminated in an exchange at Emily’s annual christmas party, the last she would throw, during which a drunken Anesha cursed out her best friend and stormed off. But now, after coming home to manage her deceased father’s estate for her ailing mother, she has to come to terms with all the bridges she’s burned in order to solve the mystery of his death.

Anesha Rajendran

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